Chaves S/A is a company that, since the 1930's, by itself or through merging, works in the mining fields (gipsita, magnesita, Calcário dolomítico e Calcário calcítico), processing of mine rocks (produzindo gessos industriais, gessos para construção, óxido e carbonato de magnésio, cargas industriais e corretivos de solo na agricultura) and technical clay (electric isolators and refractories).

In the four industrial plants, laboratories and stands, Chaves S/A creates more than 300 direct employments and is in a constant process of improvement and acquirement of industrial modern techniques, turned to the incentive of productivily and qualification of it s products and labor work which is the main source of it s success, either through international contracts for technological exchange or through the approaching to the universities.

Chaves S/A is always looking for better results of production through management and test processes in loco.



CERÂMICO Toilet seats , table ware, adornos, floor and coating.
MÉDICO Orthopedic bandages and dentures
CONSTRUÇÃO CIVIL Coating, moldados e electric isolators.
CARGAS INDUSTRIAIS Argamassas, paint, sox, compensados, massas, abrasivos, plastic and beer industries.
SIDERÚRGICO Refratários, massa de projeção e fundição
QUÍMICO Sais de magnésio e enchimento para torres de processamento